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Butcher Hanging Beef
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Our family has always been concerned with personally choosing the cattle destined for slaughter, to always bring the best selection of Piedmontese meats to the table.  and at Christmas do not miss the tasty Carrù fat ox. 
In addition to tradition, we periodically insert the inimitable Chianina e  today we can also offer the finest foreign cuts such as Kobe, Sashi, Cachena, Rubia Gallega and much more.


Our selection of cured meats today includes over 35 types of cold cuts and salamis, carefully chosen to always offer the maximum taste to each slice, Tuscan finocchiona, Parma ham, Chianina salami, culatello di zibello, are just a few. of our selection  but why not also try the Pata Negra and let yourself be overwhelmed by the taste of the most famous Spanish ham.

Prosciutto, salame e formaggio Consiglio
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Our assortment is so in demand that we provide daily arrivals of fresh, seasoned, blue and refined cheeses, pecorino in all their facets, goat cheeses and the finest such as Bagoss, Sirta,  but not only that, with us you can find mozzarella, ricotta, crescenza and many other handmade products with the certainty of bringing to the table a fresh and genuine cheese.


Our Chefs prepare more than 30 Ready Dishes every day, such as lasagna, pizzoccheri, crepes, Milanese tripe, cassoeula, braised meat just to name a few, but besides the ready-to-cook dishes we want to personally prepare them all. the gastronomy products that you will bring to the table such as Russian tuna salad, sweet and sour purple onions, veal pate, veal with tuna sauce, English roast beef and much more. Don't forget to try our Gorgonzola with Passito di Pantelleria!

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Al supermercato


Obviously, in addition to fresh products, we cannot fail to offer you our range of products starting from Felicetti pasta, ready-made sauces, compotes  of Alpenzu, Acquarello rice, Morgan's vegetables, spices and all the other products carefully selected in the most sought after and exclusive companies in the  market for these products.


Good food has always been paired with a good bottle of wine, be it red, white, rosé or a prosecco or champagne for the most special occasions. 
Going from the Val d'Aosta to the Marche, from Tuscany to Sardinia and beyond, we offer a wide selection of wines and if you can't decide which one to choose we will help you to match the perfect wine for every occasion.

Bottiglie di vino


In the culinary world there are products for every palate, even for the most refined and demanding, so we can find  the renowned and famous Alba White Truffle, Caviar, Wild Salmon caught by hook, Oysters, Snails, Capitone and much more.

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Butcher with Beef
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Butcher Hanging Beef

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